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Perth Radiological Clinic (PRC) Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research Centre-WA

Perth Radiological Clinic (PRC)

Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research Centre-WA

Perth Radiological Clinic (PRC) proudly announces the results of their recent fundraising campaign in support of Breast Cancer Research Centre-WA (BCRC-WA). As part of their commitment to community well-being, PRC has raised an astounding $15,570 during October, with a contribution of $10 for each mammogram conducted.

Throughout the month of October, the PRC team donned pink scrubs and BCRC-WA pins, creating a vibrant atmosphere that underscores their dedication. The clinics organized morning tea events, fostering community engagement, and actively encouraged patients to schedule their mammograms while supporting BCRC-WA.

PRC Partner and Breast Radiologist Dr Joanne Lazberger says “It’s our absolute privilege to assist BCRC-WA and their tireless efforts in supporting those impacted by breast cancer. Our long-standing relationship has had a great impact, particularly in strengthening the message around the importance of early detection.”

Since 2015, PRC has been a supporter of BCRC-WA, actively participating in the shared mission to advance breast cancer research and awareness. “We take this opportunity to wish Professor Chan and Dr Peter Willsher all the best for their well deserved retirement,” said Dr Lazberger. “And look forward to continuing to support the BCRC-WA team going forward.”

BCRC-WA CEO Sarah Fordham expressed, “The collaboration with PRC has been invaluable to our operations. Their support extends beyond financial contributions, enhancing our ability to provide comprehensive care. The proximity in the same building streamlines imaging processes, fostering a seamless experience for both patients and our dedicated staff.”

The longstanding partnership between PRC and BCRC-WA has now resulted in a cumulative fundraising total exceeding $90,000. This achievement is a testament to the enduring commitment of PRC to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing efforts to understand, prevent, and treat breast cancer.

As PRC looks to the future, the clinic, celebrating its 75th year, remains dedicated to pioneering initiatives that support the fight against breast cancer. The success of this year’s campaign serves as a testament to the power of collective action and the positive impact that organizations like PRC can have when driven by a shared commitment to making a difference.


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