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Breast Cancer Research Centre – WA is a clinician-led organisation offering treatment, clinical trials and research, patient education and support services. Our programs and services are initiated by the very people who treat our breast cancer patients every day. Learn more about how we can assist you by selecting the statement most relevant to you.

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To be a comprehensive breast cancer centre of excellence providing the best possible treatment, care and outcomes for patients, and to continue to increase survival rates.

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PYNKS Coffee and Chat at Zamia Cafe
PYNKS is free and open to anyone living with metastatic breast cancer. We also welcome family, children, friends, loved ones and carers to some of our events. Our regular event is...

Early Breast Cancer Survivorship Morning Tea Event

Have you completed your treatment for early breast cancer under the care of a PBCI...

Surviving early breast cancer: Treatment has “finished”… but is it really over?

After the cancer has been treated successfully, people may be surprised to find that their...

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