Breast Cancer Research Centre - WA

Mindfulness Well-Being Group

BCRC-WA are offering a free 6-week mindfulness meditation course to people with advanced breast cancer.

• open to patients of Professor Chan or Dr Willsher
• best suited to those who can find time and energy for regular practice
• held on Fridays, 9.15-10.45 am for 6 weeks in Shenton Park, starting March 27, with a break for school holidays.

Mindfulness is the practice of non-judgemental awareness of the present moment.

A misconception about mindfulness meditation is that it involves “emptying the mind.” On the contrary, mindfulness gives one’s busy mind a point of focus that is grounded in the present moment.
Much of our suffering is caused by an unhelpful focus on the past or the imagined future. The human tendency to operate on “auto pilot” often means that we miss out on being present to our current experience. Mindfulness helps us to “wake up” to the present moment, to observe our thoughts and feelings and to choose how we respond. It can reduce the “noise” in our minds and bring more joy to our lives.

Mindfulness can reduce the “noise” in our minds and bring more joy to our lives.

If you are interested in joining the group, please email Numbers are limited.

This session is facilitated by our Clinical Psychologist.

Mindfulness Meditation 6 weeks.