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Grill’d Subiaco Local Matters Program

Grill’d Subiaco’s Local Matters Program:

Supporting BCRC-WA One Bite at a Time

BCRC-WA has been chosen as one of the Local Matters program participants for the month of February!

The Grill’d Local Matters initiative originated in 2011 with a mission to support local communities, has since given back to over 30,000 community groups, organizations, and projects.

How does it work?

It’s a simple yet impactful concept: every burger or salad ordered at Grill’d Subiaco translates into a vote for a local organization. Each person receives a token with their order, and they get to decide which of the three jars to place it in. The jar with the most tokens at the end of the month receives a generous donation of $300 from Grill’d Subiaco.

Beyond the financial support, the Local Matters program has an added bonus – it raises awareness within the local community about organizations like BCRC-WA that may have been previously unknown to them. As customers savour the delicious food at Grill’d Subiaco, they also become active participants in supporting vital causes.

BCRC-WA encourages everyone to gather friends and family for a burger night at Grill’d Subiaco during February. Not only can you enjoy a tasty meal, but you can also play a crucial role in contributing to breast cancer research, support, and education programs. Drop those tokens into BCRC-WA’s jar and help us secure the top spot!

Grill’d Subiaco’s Local Matters program is not just about food; it’s about fostering community connections and making a positive impact. A big thank you goes out to Grill’d Subiaco for this fantastic opportunity to raise awareness and support for breast cancer research. Let’s make every bite count!

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