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Lindsey Dyer Day Fundraiser

A Cappella West Chorus

Lindsey Dyer Day Fundraiser

The A Cappella West Chorus recently orchestrated a Lindsey Dyer Day Fundraiser. This heartfelt event, held on the Wednesday night closest to February 12th, commemorates the memory of Lindsey Dyer, the dynamic and charismatic founder of the chorus.

Lindsey left an indelible mark on the group with her infectious laughter, educational prowess, and beautiful bass voice. Tragically, breast cancer took her away in October 2019, but her spirit lives on in the hearts of those she touched. A Cappella West has been honouring her legacy since 2020, celebrating Lindsey Dyer Day as a testament to the joy, education, and love she shared with the chorus.

This year, A Cappella West decided to intertwine Lindsey Dyer Day with Valentine’s Day to support Breast Cancer Research Centre – WA. Instead of traditional gifts like flowers or chocolates, they invited supporters to donate.

With a modest initial goal of $300, A Cappella West Chorus exceeded all expectations by raising over $2000!

Lindsey Dyer

Annette Connolly-Dyer, Lindsey’s wife and co-founder of A Cappella West Chorus wrote to us about her experience:

My wife Lindsey Dyer passed away from breast cancer in October 2019. Lindsey gave so much to so many while she was here. In particular, her work as a nurse and in her role as director of A Cappella West chorus. She and I established this chorus in 2008 and each year since her passing we have celebrated ‘Lindsey Dyer Day’. This year we did some fundraising for BCRCWA. We are thrilled with the amount we raised of $2027. This was done through the online donation fundraiser page on Facebook. And we donate this in Lindsey Dyer’s memory. Forever loved and missed.

The fundraiser’s success has inspired A Cappella West Chorus to make it an annual tradition, ensuring that Lindsey Dyer’s legacy continues to make a positive impact.

BCRC-WA extends its sincere thanks to A Cappella West Chorus for their touching tribute and ongoing support.

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