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Breast Cancer Research Centre - WA

NEW Early and Metastatic Breast Cancer Journals

Amanda Goddard and Cath Griffiths

We are proud to announce that our new breast cancer journals are now available to patients who are currently seeing a BCRC-WA breast care nurse.

These journals, developed by Advanced Breast Care Nurse, Amanda Goddard, and Early Breast Care Nurse, Cath Griffiths, will be made available to our patients with both Early and Metastatic breast cancer.

Our Early Breast Cancer Journal (Purple) and Metastatic Breast Cancer Journal (Pink) will provide a way for patients to record important aspects of their care under BCRC-WA. These include; patient treatment plan, pathology, aspects of care and important contacts.

A big thank you to Professor Arlene Chan, Dr Peter Willsher and our Breast Care Nurses, Amanda Goddard and Cath Griffiths, for their work in developing this resource. And to Jess Danti and Creative Edge for their design contributions.

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