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Welcome to the family Barney & Steve

Welcome to the Family

Barney & Steve

Barney, the golden retriever with a heart as golden as his fur, a volunteer at Hollywood Hospital, has become the newest member of the BCRC-WA family. His mission is simple but powerful: to bring joy and comfort to the men and women in the waiting rooms of the Breast Cancer Research Centre – WA.

With his wagging tail and gentle demeanour, Barney effortlessly transforms the atmosphere of any room he enters. The automatic sense of happiness he brings is nothing short of magical, providing a momentary escape and emotional support to those navigating challenging times.

Behind the scenes, ensuring that Barney’s therapeutic magic happens seamlessly, is Steve, a caretaker equally as friendly and compassionate. Six years ago, Steve’s son welcomed Barney into their family, and from the very beginning, Barney exhibited a calm and friendly nature. This inherent disposition makes him the perfect candidate for a therapy dog, spreading positivity wherever he goes.

Together, Barney and Steve form a dynamic duo dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those facing health challenges. Through their volunteer work, they remind us of the healing power that a furry friend and a kind-hearted human can bring, even in the midst of difficult moments.