About Us

10981081_833435350047369_1346349783748597037_oBreast Cancer Research Centre-WA is a unique Western Australian clinical research centre.  Formally established in 2009, we are a registered charity and not for profit organisation that undertakes high quality research through our Breast Clinical Trials Unit (staff-pictured), conducting both large international trials and in-house patient focussed research.  As a Clinician driven and founded organisation we bring together the expertise of our oncologists, surgeons, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals.  Our trials unit, is run with the expertise of our Unit Managers, who have a wealth of experience in running a very busy unit with over 30 clinical trials unit running at one time.  The staff of these units are experienced research and ethics officers as well as registered nurses and administration staff, who all work for the shared mission of creating a centre of excellence for the care of women and men with breast cancer.

Clinical trials are the only way to work out which new approaches to cancer treatments will work better than existing ones.  We are the busiest clinical trials unit in Australia per number of staff and the number of patients seen.  All our services in our trials unit are free of charge and with the generosity of the Western Australian community, we can ensure that the patients receive the most up-to-date management.

Our Mission is to offer the best treatment, undertake high-quality research, deliver broad-based education, and provide additional support to individuals with breast cancer and their families.  Our education sessions include our Chemo Wise information sessions for patients about to commence their chemotherapy, our PYNKS groups for women and men with metastatic breast cancer and various forums to support GP’s on providing evidence based quality health care in relation to breast disease.  Our resources include our newsletter and our Perth patient written resource “The Power of Words”.  This free resource is a guide for family, friends and supporters, with information on how to deal with the not easy news that their loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

We are very proud to have started the first breast cancer specific tumour bank in Western Australia in conjunction with Western Diagnostic Pathology.  With patient permission at the time of surgery, a portion is put aside for our tumour bank for future clinical research. More research is needed into predictive biomarkers and tissues samples are vital for this research to occur.  Western Australian researchers can then apply to use the tissue collected for future approved projects.  Since its inception in April 2014, we have over 2000 samples stored.  In addition to funding research initiatives, we also provide the opportunity for Perth researchers to apply for our annual grants scheme up to the value of $25,000.  These grants are given to scientific research aimed at increasing our understanding of the causes, behaviour and management of breast cancer and particularly aim to give Western Australian researchers the opportunity to conduct their studies.

We are proudly a unique Western Australian organisation, where all funds raised remains in Western Australia for our patients on our clinical trials, providing also resources and support.  Our researchers and clinicians are proudly working for breast cancer patients.