Narelle Helsmans Raising Hope

Raising Hope

Raising Hope for Breast Cancer Research

Raising Hope is a charity founded by Narelle Helsemans in 2017. Narelle lost her battle to metastatic breast cancer the same year. Through Raising Hope, her legacy to fight breast cancer lives on.

Narelle’s story

Narelle was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2008 at the age of 31. After courses of chemotherapy and radiation, and a double mastectomy, Narelle was ‘cured’. She went back to living life to the absolute fullest. She was surrounded by loving family and friends; she watched her two beautiful daughters grow with her soulmate, Mark, by her side; she combined her passion for horses and business by growing two successful equestrian businesses; she travelled; she laughed; she lived and she loved.

In June 2015, Narelle’s world came crashing down again when she was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in her bones with widespread metastasis to her ribs, hips, pelvis and spine. Her condition was stabilised for 15 months on hormone therapy, but in October 2016, the cancer progressed to her liver and lungs. With the help of her oncologist, Professor Arlene Chan, Narelle spent the next year undergoing various clinical trials to treat the cancer aggressively, or at least manage it.

During this time, Arlene gave Narelle hope when she felt she had none. As a way of saying thanks to Arlene for giving her time, the most precious gift of all, Raising Hope was born.

What’s Raising Hope?

Raising Hope for Breast Cancer Research is a charity founded by Narelle at the beginning of 2017. It is committed to making a difference to those affected by breast cancer, to spreading awareness and fundraising for the Breast Cancer Research Centre-WA.

Narelle also wanted to ensure her Raising Hope Facebook page provided a space to share education, relevant blogs, patient stories and news, in addition to being a forum for fundraising.

In 2017, Raising Hope helped raise over $50,000 for BCRC-WA. This was all due to Narelle’s passion and determination to help find a cure for metastatic breast cancer.


Sadly in December of the same year, Narelle lost her battle with cancer but her legacy lives on through Raising Hope. A small team of Narelle‚Äôs family and friends are committed to continuing her legacy and are proud to grow Narelle’s vision to help raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research and development.

Raising Hope Sundowner raised $30,000

The Raising Hope team held their first fundraiser for 2018 in April. The Raising Hope Sundowner raised over $30,000. Thanks to all who donated and attended this fabulous evening.