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Positive, Young, Nurturing, Kids & Family Focused, & Strength Giving

PYNKS is a supportive social group for patients with metastatic or advanced breast cancer

PYNKS derives its name from Positive, Young, Nurturing, Kids/family focused, Strength-giving … words that sum up BCRC-WA’s warm, friendly and welcoming social group for patients with metastatic breast cancer.

Metastatic breast cancer (also known as secondary or advanced breast cancer) is a when cancer has spread from the breast to other parts of the body.

Join our PYNKS meetings each month to share and connect with others like-minded people who can provide understanding, friendship and support.

PYNKS is Free

PYNKS is free and open to patients of the Perth Breast Cancer Institute (PBCI). We also welcome family, children, friends, loved ones and carers to some of our events.

Coffee and Chat sessions are back!

Our regular event is a coffee and chat morning at the at Zamia Cafe in Kings Park on the second Tuesday of every month from 10am until 11.30am. BCRC-WA staff will be in attendance and all in the group are welcome.

Next sessions:

Tuesday, 9 August 2022
Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Join and connect with others

To join PYNKS, please complete a registration form.

We encourage you to read our PYNKS-Group-Meeting-Guidelines prior to completing your registration form.

For more information, please call (08) 6500 5501.

Donations allow us to continue to conduct research into the causes of breast cancer and how to best prevent and treat it.

Thank you!