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About Breast Cancer

Some Information About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the world. Currently more than 18,000 women and around 150 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year; the equivalent of an average of 50 people diagnosed each day.

While these figures apply to the annual numbers diagnosed, the number of women and men in our community actually affected by breast cancer increases each and every year.

Many people who are diagnosed are cured if initially diagnosed with early breast cancer, but some remain at risk of breast cancer recurrence. This means an extraordinary number of people are impacted by breast cancer – both patients and their loved ones.

Fortunately in Australia, most women and men are diagnosed with early breast cancer (>95%) and thus with evidence-based treatment, the vast majority can be treated with the goal of being cured of breast cancer.

While a breast cancer diagnosis strikes fear into the hearts of patients and their families, there is so much that can be done these days to lessen concerns such as receiving best treatment, the best support and the best education.

Some facts about breast cancer

  • Earlier detection of early breast cancer leads to higher chances of cure
  • There are many untruths about breast cancer so it’s important your understanding about breast cancer comes from the doctors who treat breast cancer, not Google, not blog sites, not alternative practitioners
  • Every breast cancer journey is different, so ensure that advice about treatment is specific to your breast cancer
  • Many metastatic breast cancer patients can live productive and high quality lives for many years with proper evidence-based treatment
  • Many women frequently fear the side effects of chemotherapy and other medications such as Tamoxifen. Be assured that much can be done to minimise these symptoms

Helpful Links

To find out more information about breast cancer, please refer to the following helpful resources.

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BCNA is an national organisation for Australians affected by breast cancer.

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Cancer Council WA

An independent, evidence-based cancer organisation in Western Australia.

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McGrath Foundation

The McGrath Foundation funds more than 120 McGrath Breast Care Nurses across Australia.

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National Breast Cancer Foundation

Helping women by providing support through early detection, education and support services.

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