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We are a clinician-led organisation where patient education and support services are initiated by the very people who treat breast cancer patients every day. Whether you have just been diagnosed, seeking support for yourself or a loved one, or are looking to connect with people like you - BCRC-WA can help.

The Journey Ahead

About Breast Cancer

Learn more about what breast cancer is, the types, who it may affect and links to helpful resources.

What We Do

We are passionate about providing world class treatment, care and support through our multidisciplinary team.

Our Research

Learn about the breast cancer research we are undertaking which informs the care we provide our patients.

Treatment and Support

Clinical Psychology Services

Available to patients of Perth Breast Cancer Institute specialists free of charge, our Clinical Psychologists specialise in the impact of early and advanced breast cancer on all aspects of the person and their families.

Genetic Counselling Services

Genetic counselling is a communication process aimed at exploring genetic contribution to a specific health condition, helping patients and their family to understand any implications of the genetic condition.

The Breast Clinic

The PBCI Breast Clinic accepts both GP and self-referrals and provides rapid diagnostic imaging and review for urgent cases, with access to on-site genetic counselling, surgeons and oncologists if required.

Meet Our Specialist Team

Our Breast Care Nurses provide education and support, assist in coordinating care and are a vital point of contact between patients and the care team.

Connect with others on the same journey to build friendships and a support network. BCRC-WA offers informal information sessions, workshops and seminars for patients, friends and family. PYNKS is a supportive social group run by BCRC-WA for patients with metastatic or advanced breast cancer. Learn more about these events by selecting the group.

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Donations allow us to continue to conduct research into the causes of breast cancer and how to best prevent and treat it.

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