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  • A Breast Cancer Journey! A poem by Velvet Cary

This is a poem authored by Velvet Cary about her mum’s breast cancer diagnosis. These thoughtful words express her perspective as her mum went through treatment. Thank you for your beautiful words, Velvet.


A Breast Cancer Journey!

In your eyes I see the pain,
Slowly the tears roll down, they won’t refrain

The day I found out
The day I broke
The day you got diagnosed

I look down to the floor as if I’m hiding,
As I whisper, “Mum keep fighting. Keep fighting.”

As I reach for your hand so strong yet so weak,
I notice the paleness in each cheek.
That night I left the hospital with chords and drips hanging out of you,

I wish I could never leave you!

Dad like a warm pillow comfort me until I sleep
Because you’re my rock, my man, my daddy! my double of me!

Our lives changed so quickly
It all happened in the blink of an eye
One day you were fine and healthy
The next I wished the cancer was a lie.

I know ups and downs are normal
Just like a roller coaster ride
Remember no matter how you feel
I’ll always be by your side.

Mummy I love you more than the moon and back you are amazing
For coming through this
I know u don’t feel like you,
but you’ve got us two!

Looks don’t matter
Only your love does in my heart!

I can’t explain how happy I am I didn’t lose you Because there’s no way I could live without you
Cancer sucks!

I love you mum and dad!

A Poem by Velvet Cary

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