Attendees at the Something Pink fundraiser in Kalgoorlie in 2018

Something Pink

Something Pink

The Something Pink fundraiser is now an annual event in Kalgoorlie started by a Katrina Tedge and Gai Robinson to raise money for BCRC-WA.

Katrina Tedge and Gai Robinson are two women on a mission to raise money for BCRC-WA.

Katrina is a breast cancer survivor and Gai lives with stage 4 breast cancer. Both women, local Kalgoorlie residents, are single minded in their vision to make difference for breast cancer patients in WA.

Katrina and Gai’s fundraising efforts began when they distributed pink fundraising tins around the Kalgoorlie area. In 2017, they decided to organise a charity night which soon became known as ‘Something Pink’. The night was a great success, so successful in fact it was decided to hold the event again in 2018 which raised an overwhelming $90,000, almost double the previous year’s efforts.

Something Pink’s wide appeal will no doubt see it happen annually and become a Kalgoorlie tradition.

BCRC-WA is incredibly appreciative of the huge effort put into Something Pink by Katrina and Gai.

For more information contact (08) 6500 5501 or email