BCRC-WA is in Nedlands, Western Australia

Perth Breast Cancer Institute

Perth Breast Cancer Institute

In  June 2020, BCRC-WA will open the Perth Breast Cancer Institute (PBCI) a ‘one stop shop’ accessible to West Australian women, men and families affected by breast cancer.

The Perth Breast Cancer Institute will enable us to provide a coordinated approach to patient support through on site Oncologists, Breast Surgeons, Breast Clinic, Breast Cancer Clinical Trials Unit, Breast Care Nurses, Clinical Psychologists and Radiology.

Perth Breast Cancer Institute patient care

High quality care and support for women, men and their families is critical to recovery and well being following a breast cancer diagnosis.

The location of all these services under the one roof will greatly benefit patients and their loved ones by reducing travel times and the associated stress that can be caused managing multiple appointments.

For more information or for Media contact (08) 6500 5501 or email info@bcrc-wa.com.au

Hollywood Consulting Centre

Keep your eyes on the construction of the Hollywood Consulting Centre! The roof will soon be going on the building, which will house a range of specialist consulting rooms, additional imaging facilities, and two radiation therapy bunkers. We’re exceptionally proud to be reaching our project milestones, and look forward to sharing many more.

Posted by Hollywood Private Hospital on Tuesday, 24 September 2019