BCRC-WA is in Nedlands, Western Australia

Our new centre

A Centre for Patients and their Families

In 2020, BCRC-WA will open a dedicated breast cancer facility where we’ll conduct research, provide treatment and offer a range of support services for patients and their families.

Our new centre will enable us to provide a coordinated approach to patient care where allied health workers and clinicians will be able to work together in one central place. A breast nurse will be assigned to each patient and will oversee and guide their comprehensive care.

Comprehensive patient care

While patients are undergoing treatment, high quality care and support for them and their families is critical to recovery and wellbeing.

Currently, patients are required to access various services and see a range of medical professionals all over Perth. This can be time consuming, stressful and inefficient. Being┬ádiagnosed with cancer is devastating and delays are distressing. Patients can often wait weeks to see the next person. It’s also frustrating for patients to have to repeat their story to different doctors.

At our new centre, patients will be assigned a breast nurse who will coordinate their care and treatment. The designated breast nurse will guide patients seamlessly through each health and medical discipline and will provide an expedited process, lowering the level of patient distress.

After treatment, a person has to adjust back to life, to ongoing follow-up, to the consequences of their treatment. By this stage, a team of people will have been assigned to them and will be helping them with their survivorship. The same people, those they now trust, will take them through the entire process.

The centre will be a Western Australian first and will have the backing of Ramsay Health Care and Hollywood Private Hospital.

It will offer a superior level of care to breast cancer patients and their families and will be a hub for resources and education. Ultimately, it will be the realisation of many years’ work and will help BCRC-WA continue to reshape the future of breast cancer.

For more information, contact (08) 6500 5501 or email info@bcrc-wa.com.au