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About Us


The Breast Cancer Research Centre-WA (BCRC-WA) is a clinical research, treatment and support centre for women and men with breast cancer. Our focus on providing evidence-based treatment for breast cancer is aimed at increasing survival rates and prolonging life. As a clinician-founded and driven organisation, we have created a centre of excellence that brings together the expertise of medical oncologists, specialist breast surgeons, breast physicians, breast care nurses and other healthcare professionals for the care of women and men with breast cancer.

Established in 2009, BCRC-WA is a not-for-profit, registered charitable organisation (Licence CC 21750) Donations are directed to research, support and education programs and provision of services benefiting our patients and their families. We are extremely proud that funds received provide important resources and support. BCRC-WA is led by a Board of Directors, with our Chief Executive Officer being ably supported by the leadership team and staff.

Research and Treatment

As our name suggests, BCRC-WA conducts research into breast cancer treatment and support. Our research informs and underpins the treatment we provide to our patients.

At least 17 of the international trials we have been involved in have led to enhanced breast cancer treatment world-wide. Clinical trials are the only way to discover which new approaches to cancer treatments will work better than existing ones. We aim to find new and better treatments and make them available to patients through our clinical trials, furthering the global knowledge of breast cancer and its treatment.

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Incorporating Perth Breast Cancer Institute

Perth Breast Cancer Institute (PBCI) is the clinical arm of BCRC-WA and brings together a team of dedicated specialists in one centre of excellence.  Located on level 4 of Hollywood Consulting   Centre in the grounds of Hollywood Private Hospital, the new centre aims to meet the needs of patients diagnosed with breast cancer by addressing all aspects of treatments, as well as supporting each patient and their family through diagnosis, treatment and recovery. There is access to clinical trials for both early and metastatic breast cancer and a broad range of support services, including clinical psychology and genetic counselling.

We connect each patient with a care coordinator, who will help manage their treatment journey, linking each patient with the necessary support services, whilst also providing support to husbands, partners and children. This will allow the patient to concentrate on the treatment and recovery process, ensuring they receive the best evidence-based management possible. The location of all these services in one building greatly benefit patients and their loved ones by reducing travel times and the associated stress that can be caused by having to manage multiple appointments. The different treatments needed for individual patients are personalised and patients are guided through the phases of their care.

The PBCI is the realisation of many years’ work and will help us continue to reshape the future of breast cancer. It is a Western Australian first and has the backing of Ramsay Health Care and Hollywood Private Hospital.

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We believe that sharing our knowledge and expertise in breast cancer treatments and support with other healthcare professionals, patients and families will result in all Western Australians being offered evidence-based, gold-standard care wherever they are treated.

The expansion of the BCRC-WA team to include PBCI brings a greater breadth of expertise to draw on for education. Every member of the BCRC-WA team is committed to maintaining their own knowledge as well as promoting patient, healthcare professional and community education. The PBCI team have begun writing a library of patient information pamphlets available in our rooms and online. As well as written information, we also collaborate with the RACGP to provide meaningful education to GPs and contribute to local breast cancer knowledge through educational seminars for other healthcare providers and community groups.

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Pioneering Breast Cancer Oncologist, Professor Arlene Chan

Professor Chan is a breast cancer specific oncologist who first had the vision of BCRC-WA bringing world-class coordinated care to women and men diagnosed with breast cancer. Her driving focus has always been the needs of breast cancer patients and their families. She has authored more than 200 publications and is renowned worldwide for her work in the field of breast cancer research.

Professor Arlene Chan was recognised for her expertise in the field of breast cancer when she was named Western Australian of the Year in the Professions category in June 2016.
She was also made a Member of the Order of Australia in 2018 for her significant services to medicine and breast cancer treatment.

She is supported by a team of dedicated nurses and clinical research staff where new treatments are evaluated through clinical trials to women and men in WA.

Through the generous donations of the WA community, Professor Chan is able to conduct novel, patient-focused trials that address the real issues important to those diagnosed with the disease. Further, the donations enable her to collaborate with scientists based at Curtin University and from other Australian and international breast cancer centres, to better understand the causes of breast cancer and identify better ways of treating the disease.

She has been privileged to have worked with some of the best breast cancer clinicians and scientists in Australia and abroad.

Donations allow us to continue to conduct research into the causes of breast cancer and how to best prevent and treat it.

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