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Our Story

About us

The Breast Cancer Research Centre-WA is a Western Australian clinical research and treatment centre for women and men with breast cancer.

The Perth Breast Cancer Institute (PBCI)

Now open at Hollywood Consulting Centre, the Perth Breast Cancer Institute (PBCI) will help us continue to reshape the future of breast cancer care.

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One of BCRC-WA’s goals is to provide education for patients to help them understand and manage their condition and treatment. Some of our education initiatives include:

patients at Chemo Wise meeting

Chemo Wise

information sessions for patients about to commence chemotherapy

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a support group for women and men with metastatic (advanced) breast cancer

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GP support

We hold various forums to support GPs and to provide evidence based quality health care in relation to breast disease.

Pioneering Breast Cancer Oncologist Professor Arlene Chan

Professor Arlene Chan was recognised for her expertise in the field of breast cancer when she was named Western Australian of the Year in the Professions Division in June 2016.

She was also made a Member (AM) of the Order of Australian in 2018 for her significant services to medicine and breast cancer treatment.

Professor Chan is a breast cancer specific oncologist who first had the vision of BCRC-WA bringing world-class coordinated care to women and men diagnosed with breast cancer. Her driving focus has always been the needs of breast cancer patients and their families. She has authored more than 200 publications and is renowned worldwide for her work in the field of breast cancer research.

She is supported by a team of dedicated nurses and clinical research staff to bring world-class new treatments being evaluated in clinical trials to women and men in WA.

Through the generous donations of the WA community, Professor Chan is able to conduct novel, patient-focused trials that addresses the real issues which are important to those diagnosed with the disease. Further, the donations enable her to collaborate with scientists based at Curtin University and from other Australian and international breast cancer centres, to better understand the causes of breast cancer and identify better ways of treating the disease.

She has been privileged to have worked with some of the best breast cancer clinicians and scientist in Australia and abroad.


Donations allow us to continue to conduct research into the causes of breast cancer and how to best prevent and treat it.

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