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Managing Breast Cancer Risk

High Risk Breast Clinic

Comprising experienced breast physicians and a genetic counsellor, the High Risk Breast Clinic provides support, surveillance and genetic testing for those at high risk of breast cancer and their families.

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Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer

Support and surveillance

With direct access to Perth Breast Cancer Institute surgeons and medical oncologists on the same floor and Perth Radiological Clinic in the building, the BCRC-WA High Risk Clinic is ideally situated to provide excellent care for people at high risk of breast cancer.

Genetic testing and counselling

Aside from facilitating genetic testing, our genetic counsellor provides an important service. Through interpretation of family history to assess breast cancer risk, provision of education on inheritance pattern, management, prevention, and support resources, a discussion with a genetic counsellor ensures individuals and families can make informed choices regarding breast cancer risk management.

High Risk Breast Clinic
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