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What we do

Ensuring the best possible outcomes and care for breast cancer patients

At Breast Cancer Research Centre-WA we aim to:

  • Ensure every aspect of a patient’s breast cancer management is evidence-based with the aim of achieving the best possible treatment, support and outcomes
  • Assist others who treat and care for breast cancer patients to manage their patients in the same evidence-based way
  • Conduct world class contemporary research
  • Meet the needs of the impact of breast cancer on patients and their families in a holistic way.

BCRC-WA conducts research via clinical trials which lead to new and better ways to treat breast cancer.

We also provides support services such as our Advanced Breast Cancer Nurse. Plans are in place to offer an increased range of support services when our new comprehensive breast cancer centre opens in 2020.

We also provide information and educational services to increase knowledge and awareness about breast cancer – to other breast specialists, GPs, trainee doctors and the community.

BCRC-WA is Australia’s busiest breast cancer trials unit with 57% of our trials focused on furthering our understanding of treatments for metastatic (advanced) breast cancer. The outcomes of our research provide the foundations for the treatments we provide to patients.

13 of the international trials we’ve undertaken  have ultimately led to a change in the way breast cancer is treated. In many of these trials, we were the highest recruiters in the world which means women in WA directly benefitted as many received treatments that were not otherwise available in Australia at the time.

Medical oncologist and founder of BCRC-WA, Professor Arlene Chan, oversees all the clinical trials and research at BCRC-WA. Professor Chan, who was awarded a Member for the Order of Australia in 2018 for her services to breast cancer, has been a pioneer in the field of breast cancer research.

Prof Chan’s driving focus has always been the needs of breast cancer patients and their families. She’s managed to ease the standard streaming eyes and nose that were once a miserable, if relatively minor, side effect of breast cancer treatment.

Reducing toxicity rates and fatigue in patients with advanced cancers is another aspect of breast cancer treatment Professor Chan is investigating.

All the results she’s had from various research projects and clinical trials combine to improve a patient’s life.

We’re Working to Increase Survival Rates

Our patients are at the core of all we do. BCRC-WA offers

Research through clinical trials

World class treatment

Care and support services

Information and education

Donations allow us to continue to conduct research into the causes of breast cancer and how to best prevent and treat it.

Thank you!