Breast Cancer Research Centre - WA

October is Breast Awareness Month

This October is Breast Awareness Month. Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among women in Australian. It is estimated by Cancer Australia that 19,371 women and 164 men will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2019 in Australia. Advances in research, treatment and care, as well as improvements in the detection of breast cancer, mean that Australia has one of the best breast cancer survival rates in the world.

By conducting research, we expand knowledge in the area of breast cancer and better tailor future treatment options, resulting in improved outcomes for patients. Our role in Research allows patients to participate in state-of-the-art clinical trials through BCRC-WA’s Breast Clinical Trials Unit (BCTU) which offers to date treatments allowing patients to benefit from access to treatments years before they are available.

Our clinical trials unit also leads research initiatives right here in Western Australia which not only directly benefit the patient outcomes for WA women and men effected by breast cancer but also have an impact globally.

What difference does donating to BCRC-WA Make?
• All donations go to patient research, treatment and services.
• At least 17 of our research projects have contributed to enhancing breast cancer treatment worldwide and increasing survival rates.
• Many patients with advanced breast cancer have survived their illness for years and a small handful of patients have even been cured due to results derived from our clinical trials.
• In 2020, we will move into our fully integrated breast cancer centre where patient research, treatment and support services will be available in one central location, lessening stress for patients and their families and leading to better overall outcomes. This will make a world of difference for women and men impacted by breast cancer, and will also help lessen the stress for women and men travelling distances to come to Perth for their treatment.
• BCRC-WA is self-funded. We do not receive government funding.

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