Our Research

Dr Willsher, Prof Chan & Carmelo ArtoBCRC-WA’s clinical trials unit, led by Prof. Arlene Chan (pictured centred with Dr Peter Willsher and Carmelo Arto, CEO), is one of the busiest breast cancer clinical trials centres in Australia with over 70 clinical trials having been undertaken over the past 13 years, treating more than 870 patients.

BCRC-WA’s goal is to conduct research into the causes, prevention, and treatment of breast cancer, and enhance the multidisciplinary care to individuals with breast cancer and their carers. The scientific merit, operational feasibility, methodology and originality of each project is considered to benefit not only our own patients but will add to the understanding and treatment of breast cancer worldwide.

BCRC-WA participate in multi-centre trials for pharmaceutical companies or collaborative research groups.

A cancer patient and her husband sharing a tender moment of affection.

A cancer patient and her husband sharing a tender moment of affection.

BCRC-WA conducts and initiates our own research (called also Investigator-led trials) which are often performed to answer a clinical question or clinical needs which are important to patients.

BCRC-WA is proud to fund and oversee the Helen Sewell Breast Tumour Bank where donated tissue is stored and used for medical research.

BCRC-WA is a recognised member of the Breast Centres Network (affiliated with the European School of Oncology), and member of the Australian Clinical Trial Alliance Community (http://www.clinicaltrialsalliance.org.au/ ).