12358060_10206672335300001_2088800369_n“I didn’t know how strong I was until I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is a nightmare when your doctor tells you that you have breast cancer. I am a fighter and I have been fighting against cancer since June 2015. Well people say until you experience chemotherapy, you don’t know how strong you are. I just finished my last chemo on November 26, 2015 and I had six rounds of chemo. I never knew life would be so hard. Chemotherapy taught me how strong a person can be when they are going through this alone. I was strong, it made me stronger. My salute to all those ladies who are going through the same. During this whole process I just told myself that I have to deal with it, I have to survive, I am a fighter and it’s my life. I am grateful to my doctors for saving my life, especially Dr. Peter Willsher and Prof. Arlene Chan. I have got the best oncologist and the best surgeon. They really looked after me. We all think about tomorrow and forget to live today. Living in a country with hope and opportunity, I managed myself to be more strong to fight alone for my health. Everyday just telling to myself “yes I can do this, I have to do this”. During the process of fighting breast cancer, there is only one person who will be your best friend, that’s your oncologist. Not listening to anyone one else. Being strong is the only choice I had because I couldn’t give up my fight against cancer. I am survivor, I am a fighter and I will keep fighting. I celebrated my chemo graduation this Christmas holiday and start my next treatment Herceptin for the next year. At the end, I am just too happy that I successfully completed my chemotherapy”. 10 January 2016

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“As well as Arlene’s amazing academic and medical qualifications, she is also a hugely compassionate and caring person providing much needed emotional support and guidance to her patients and their families. So blessed to have her as my oncologist”. 27 May 2016

“A wonderful, caring oncologist who has helped so many women beat breast cancer. I feel extremely fortunate to have had Arlene as my oncologist nine years ago. Thank you so much for all you have done for me and so many other women”. 27 May 2016

“Arlene saved my life coming up 11 years ago. She is an amazing and caring person. You always felt special as she treated you as an individual and not a statistic”. 27 May 2016

“Arlene has given so many the greatest gift of all……time. Arlene’s commitment and dedication to making a difference on so many levels is beyond words, the world is a better place with her in it”. 4 June 2016

“The Ladybird Foundation congratulates Prof Arlene Chan (for winning the Professions divisions of the Western Australian of the Year awards 2016 ), one of WA’s excellent clinician researchers in the field of breast cancer and a breast oncologist whose care and expertise has benefitted so many Western Australian breast cancer patients”. 4 June 2016

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“Arlene Chan is amazing, trust her to be your guide through this, she is brilliant, you can do this”. 11 January 2016

“You don’t realise how strong you can be until something like this happens, take care and be kind to yourself in your recovery”. 11 January 2016

“I agree that the best advice comes from your oncologist and for me my wonderful oncology nurse Sam has been my life saver. I am so blessed to have my amazing fiancé by my side through this difficult journey”. 11 January 2016

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2005 and was so lucky to have had Arlene Chan as my oncologist. But I’m here and we’ll after 10 years”. 10 January 2016

“You don’t know how deep you courage is until it is tested”. 12 January 2016

“It was my lucky day when I was told Prof Chan was going to be looking after me. I was originally told I wouldn’t need chemo but Prof Chan didn’t agree and I thank her for all the care given me. My last appointment was this year I now am coming up 6 years a survivor. An angel at work in her field”. 18 October 2015

“They are the best team EVER (Breast Clinical Trials Unit -BCTU). ..AND JEANETTE IS AMAZING (Unit Manager BCTU)”. 14 September 2015

“I was in the same situation 13 years ago. I had the same wonderful team, Peter (Dr Willsher) and Arlene (Prof Chan). Keep up the good fight!”. 10 January 2016

“She is an amazing lady, doing some wonderful research through the breast cancer research centre, it saved my life, thank you”. 17 October 2015

“Well done .. I have done 6 months of chemotherapy and I’ve done a year on herceptin. .. 2 rounds of reconstruction and I feel great now … us women are fighters”. 11 January 2016

“We are all truly blessed that Prof Chan is in our lives, what a God send she is. I’m so grateful every day for her support and dedication to us all”. 18 October 2015

“I am grateful every day that my life has been saved by this incredible woman”. 17 October 2015

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